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Beautiful nature, good food, and great accommodation creates love, so they say. So why wouldn’t we fall in love …
From ages ago Serbia is renowned as a country with great natural and cultural potentials, but only with development of village tourism it became clear of its great possibilities . In village tourism, with its further development, people have seen their chance to easier survive and live in the village. Most importantly, they managed to stop young people leaving from villages to cities. Life without rush, tension is something that characterize village life, and which we rarely meet in nowadays, so the guests also “maintain” this life style. But, let’s not talk more than we should. Photographs will certainly show you much more. Do not hesitate!

Gornji Milanovac




Mount Javor Tue, 24 Aug 2010 11:19:40 +0000 admin Mountain of song and history

Legend says that the famous hero Boško Jugović wounded went from field of Kosovo after the Battle of Kosovo on the mountain Javor, to heal his wounds. He knew that this mountain cures with its clear streams, healing herbs even the greatest illnesses. Even today, this is an interesting touristic spot, full of history, tales, legends and hospitable people…

Long travelled the warrior on his trusty steed. Wounded, torn out. Far away is the field of Kosovo. And one day he arrived to one hill atop of the town of Ivanjica. They say, people cured his wounds for a long time. They cured him with herbs and ailments from the mountains Javor and Golija, but there were no cure for the warrior. Legend says he died here. He was buried here. Centuries later they built a church on that spot. On exact spot of the grave of the ancient warrior. The tale and belief is that here lay the bones of the none other than the ancient warrior hero Boško Jugović. The nine centuries old oaks bring great shade in the place. The people of these parts planted them in memory of all Jugović brothers. And when you go on you will come by mount Javor, that heroic and historical mountain. Mountain on which, in every war, great battles were fought, blood was given and lives were given, for Serbia…

Nurturing that given from creation

img_9536.jpg Nature has given many things to the mount Javor which is located 30 km from the town of Ivanjica. You can rarely find this kind of nature. Its height is 1500 meters, lots of springs and streams. Probably the same giving nature made also the people here full of spirit and joy. You can not pass through any village and not be greeted, and welcomed. Every traveler and guest is welcome here.

And there are hundreds of reasons to come to the villages on mount Javor. Nature is intact. The locals nurture only that what was given to them from the creation of the world. Pine trees, pastures with plenty of healing herbs, forest strawberries, mushrooms. Many that came to this parts with the bronchitis, asthma, anemia problems, came back home revitalized, cured. Javor is genuine air spa. It is enough only to go, from the first dawn, by its paths, drink spring water and you will feel better. Scientific researches has shown that these areas have high concentration of iodine from the pine forests.

Mount Javor is pretty in every season. In hot days it is real enjoyment to come here. Sun is shining but it is not singeing, forests, cool mountain water will make your stay more than pleasant.

Every villager here is a true encyclopedia of knowledge. Here, the tradition is respected, ancestors and the thing that makes them specially proud is the song. Everybody sings beautifully on mount Javor. And they do that a lot. When they are mowing, digging, reaping. You can always hear the song. “Wind is blowing from Golija, gone is my Andjelija”, they are singing. And mount Golija is right there near them. These people proudly wear Serbian waistcoat and Serbian hat, playing the flute and diple. The young and the old…

Serbia was defended here

img_9577.jpg Until the Balkan war in 1912 on mount Javor was Serbian-Turkish border. From long times ago in Devići, Kušići, Katići lived fighters, heroes that did not give in to others for even a foot of their country. They cherished it as their greatest treasure. Mount Javor is called historical mountain. It has every reason to be called that. The battles were fought here in 1804, and in Javor war from 1876 to 1878 and in the Balkan war. Local remember with pride and reverence of their own heroes. Those who come to this mountain will be by all means shown the monument to major Ilić, who left his life here, defending Javor. They made him a monument from which he can, even now observe and guard his fellow countrymen from Javor. The elder local say that he was born in the vicinity of Jagodina, but that he defended thi place like here was his berth house. They also say that if Boško Jugović could have made it to Javor and Golija, he would survive. He would be cured by mountain water, clean air. That was probably the reason why he went to Javor, so the elders say. He knew that this mountain had a cure for everyone.

Easy and quick arrival

vila-angelina-kusici.jpg Villages in vicinity of Javor and Golija are involved, for a long time now, in village tourism. They can offer much to the tourists. Year after year grows the number of those who wish to come here and spend their vacation in nature and tranquility. From the town of Ivanjica to the village of Kušići you must travel about 30 km. Roads are paved with asphalt so you can reach this tourist destination easily and quickly.

Hotel Splendid Conference & SPA Resort Wed, 15 Apr 2009 09:38:56 +0000 admin Pearl of Adriatic sea

Dwelling in SPA centre improves mood, relaxes the nerves and redeems stress, and this atmosphere many people use for making new friendships.

From Roman steam baths, and all the way to today’s SPA treatment, people have enjoyed and relaxed in the beneficial effect of water and massage. „Sanus per aljuam“, with water to the health or treatment with water, as the old Latin proverb says, whose acronym (SPA) is  used more and more. In everyday life, full of concerns and stress, SPA centers provide effective remedy.

“Golden palm” spot

Located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, in Becici place, which, according to many is the most beautiful beach in Montenegro, Hotel Splendid Conference & SPA Resort is the jewel of Montenegrin tourism. This hotel, ranked  with five stars, offers its guests complete comfort through a pleasant and well-equipped rooms and suites, technically perfectly equipped congress center to a modern and relaxing SPA. Becici beach, where the hotel was built, is in far back 1935. on the international festival in Paris, declared one of the most beautiful beaches and for this success was awarded with the “Golden Palm”. SPA Center, located on the most beautiful part of beach in the Becici, with over 3000 square meters of available space, is the attraction not only in Montenegro, but also beyond. With status and a view that it has, treatments that are good only here, pleasant staff, SPA center is ideal for this type holiday fans, but also for all those who simply want to relax and to have a good rest. In Splendid say that the idea of SPA center, is in fact, the exchange of information on the physical, mental and spiritual level, and adapts to individual needs of each client. In order to achieve the desired level of relaxation, balance and harmony, while staying in the SPA center, all your senses are stimulated. Sense of hearing is stimulated by ambient music, smell with the essential oils, taste with herbal teas, eyesight with decoration of the space in which the treatments are performed. It is, in fact, the perfect blend of special atmosphere and stimulated treatments, which will certainly help you to overcome all the temptations of modern life.

You can use a large number of comfortable and ralaxing treatments from terapeutic massages to relaxing such as hydrotherapy, reflexology …
What is certain, no matter what you use, staying in the SPA center of the hotel Splendid will improve your mood, relax your nerves, lessen stress and in the end you’ll experience an unforgettable moments in relaxed atmosphere and meet many completely new people.