Elite capital of Hapsburg monarchy

Touristic offer of Vojvodina can hardly be imagined without Palić. It was once an elite capitol of Hapsburg monarchy, which still enchants with its beauty, which will remind each traveler of the ghost of times past, but it will also offer something new and unique.

On the north of Bačka, only 180 km from Belgrade, lays centuries old touristic attraction - Palić. Secrecy of Palić sights has always enchanted the hearts of many generations of travelers, and beautiful parks, interesting architecture, recreational contents on land and water, still attracts the visitor’s attention. On guests pleasure and delight, the memories are not the only thing one can collect here. Everything of value is fully preserved, and every new content was added with measure and needed attention. That is the main reason that every day spent here is long remembered. Swimming pool and numerous sport-recreational centers, pre-war villas, secret paths through centuries old forest, zoo, culture historic monuments, summer theater stages and pavilions, elite hotels and restaurants, are only one small part of touristic offer.
rezerva.jpg The thing that makes Palić unique is the real wealth in flora and fauna - on the old tree lines nests over 200 bird species, and in the lake water proudly flaunts almost 20 fish species. Lake has elliptic shape, and to go around it you must cross more than 17 km. Many fishermen visit it on regular bases, and nearby woods “challenge” the passionate hunters. Children are not at all neglected, and the first encounter with animal kingdom is possible in Zoo, which is, by many features, one of the most beautiful in Europe. More than hundred animal species live here, and they arrived from almost all parts of the world. Special attraction is, as they say, child zoo, where there are no barriers between children and animal cubs. Here you can also find maintained botanical garden with 800 plant species, although you can find Flora Empire on every step in its surroundings. Attention of admirers of old architecture will most certainly attract Swan house, which reminds of medieval castle. Palić offers also number of historical delights, and the way people once lived and rested is shown in the fact that this very lake, aside  Opatija, Karlovy vary and St Moritz, was the most visited elite center of Hapsburg monarchy.

Beautiful and healthy

dscf0018.jpg Water of Palić lake has sulfur, alkali and muriatides, and has temperature of  25°C. It contains lithium and rubidium, which helps in treatment of rheumatic and nerve illness. Strontium is a sustenance of mineral mud with helps in treatment with bone healing. Treatments in Palić consists of drinking healing water, bathing in warmed water and mud layers.

Palić through history

dscf0041.jpg In the ancient scripts Palić is mentioned for the first time in the year 1462, by the name of Palij. In time the village was formed, which was named by the Turks at the end of 16 century Paleđhaza, and it is presumed that today’s name was formed of this Turkish name. At the beginning of 19th century its water is used for curing skin illnesses, and in 1842 begins the construction of park on the models of English parks with winding paths. Tourism started to develop from the year 1845, when the first spa bath with wooden baths was built. Works were continued later, and during the first decade of last century the Watertower, great terrace, music pavilion and Hotel Jezero was built.

Sunday lunch in Little Inn (Mala Gostiona)

uz-antrfile-nedeljni-rucak.jpg Out of former usual tavern, with traditional longer than 150 years. Little Inn became cuisine center which equally offers the wanders of Vojvodina’s, Serbian, Hungarian and Mediterranean cuisine. It can host more than 700 guests, but even this large space often is not big enough for everyone which will like to try famous Sunday lunch. For the youngest guest every Sunday are staged theater plays.


Palić is located on the north of Vojvodina, only 10 km from Subotica.
In the vicinity of Palić you can find Ludoš Lake, Kanjiža Spa, horse stables Kelebija and Zobnatica, numerous vine cellars, so you can indeed see much and chose much.

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