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Due to the development of the domestic tourist industry and the growing presence of foreign companies interested to invest in tourist facilities in the domestic market, there is great interest and need for a unique marketing-information system that will be the appropriate way to present the tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants, companies and their products , unified information about them and provide a detailed view of the quality and capacity of the tourist places.

Catalog TOURISM address book, is exactly that,the advertise-informational edition which is used for the presentation of tourism, whether it is the organizers of travel, accommodation and offer services related to tourism facilities to tourists, or users of tourist content.
Preview of such information enables potential advertisers to find the right competitive environment of companies and the best way to present their work to potential customers and customers of their services. Catalog TOURISM address book is made in the form of printed publications and Internet directory.

Printed edition directory is in modern design, quality panted press. Printed once a year, and sales is done through the distribution network, the tourism trade fairs and similar events. A large part is in free circulation ,distributed to enterprises, the economic departments of embassies, business representative …
Designed by groups of products and services with a detailed index of all products and services from each group. Additional alphabetical index of companies and products increase the look and usability of directory. Catalog  will be  a necessary source of information for directors, managers, agencies, tourists … (for years)

Catalog TOURISM address book consists of three parts:

INFORMATIONAL PART - introduction to the directions and trends in the creation of new tourist destinations in the domestic and foreign markets. Presentation of domestic destinations with a detailed description, as well as the tourist economy with photos and basic information.
COMMERCIAL PART - representation of a destination marketing company and working in the area in the form of  ads (1 / 4, 1 / 2 and full page) or through PR texts.
INDEX PART - alphabetical index of companies - Review companies, basic contact information, as well as a description of activities and logo. Index products - Classification of companies by type of product.

is based on the relational database, which enables data showing by more of criteria (by name, location, product). Advanced features provide internet advertisers the opportunity to present their products to the advertising banners and photos. Internet directory has free access possible from all over the world. Simple user interface allows all users access to a detailed proposal on the market. Content of Internet directory is amended and updated daily.

Both items, print and Internet catalog are in form of  a bilingual edition (English and Serbian).

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TOURISM address book
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