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Mon, Aug 16, 2010


Go to Župa for a glass of wine

turizam-serbia-12.jpg People say that, if you really want to get to know someone, it is best to sit with him at the same table and drink a good wine. And when the town of Aleksandrovac is mentioned in conversation, the first association are vineyards and, of course, good wine, which has by far brought fame to this region. Wine is referred to be a divine drink, and thus it is believed that, in regions rich with and fertile for good grape, live good, noble and happy people which know how to grow good grapes and make from it this beverage of the Gods.

But also, you can in Župa have a handsome meal, visit and see a lot of interesting things. If the road takes in this region be sure not to miss the opportunity to drop by the restaurant “Skačak”, fish ponds “Mitrovo polje” and “Plešo”. You do not need to worry if dusk catches you here. You can find accommodations in “Odmaralište Crvenog krsta” (Red Cross Resting place) – in the summer the pool is open, Ethnic village “Latkovac”, ethnic motel “Prizrenska bašta”. In the town itself you can visit the wine museum, Homeland museum, as well as monasteries Drenča and Rudenica, in the vicinity of Aleksandrovac. Of course, we are also recommending which wineries are worth visiting. To visit and to have a good drink…

Winery Ivanović( Vinarija Ivanović)

It is located in Aleksandrovac. There is an option of organizing wine degustation with accompanied with lunch in a beautiful ambient. And along with good lunch you can make use with the wines: Prokupac, Ružica, Rizling, Tamnjanika. You can call ahead and announce your arrival on telephone number: +381 37 755 033. More on winery Ivanović you can see on web site:

Brothers Rajković Wine cellar (podrum Braće Rajković)

It is located 20 km from Aleksandrovac in the village Gornje Zleginje. If you call and announce yourself you can schedule degustation with lunch. Wines here served are: Kaberne, Vranac, Prokupac, Pino. +381 37 764 453, +381 64 29 09 741

Family wine cellar Rajković (Porodični podrum Rajković)

Winery business is a tradition in Raković family. The wine cellar is located in village Gornje Zleginje. Wines: Prokupac (red), Semilon and Suvinjon (white) and Rizling white.  037/ 764 451, 064/ 3970 572
Winery Đorđević (Vinarija Đorđević)
Here they like to say that they are making wine for friends. They have been doing it for a long time now. Grandfather Damjan came here in 1939. and since then they started growing their vineyards. Winery is located in village Vitkovo. They are known for the wines Midino belo (white) and Midino crno (black). 037/ 759 244, 063/ 836 46 84

Family winery Veličković (Porodična vinarija Veličković)

After three decades of work in famous company Rubin, Kruševac, mister Veličković had decided to continue family tradition in making wines. He produces wines in small series to 7.000 bottles. On the foundations of family tradition and wine culture in Župa, with the application of modern achievements in enology the wine Prestige was created, which is preserving its quality in small series. Prestige belo (white) and Prestige roze (red) are wines on which you will recognize this family winery. 037/ 455 023, 064/ 20 66 783.

Wine house Minić (Vinska kuća Minić)

This wine house, which is located in village Tržac, has probably went the farthest in tourist representation of whole region. Here you can find everything in the shapes of wine and those features indigenous to the region. You have probably known that you can drink good wine in a wine cellar, but we are sure that not so many people had the opportunity to have a good rest in the wine barrels. Short rest after a good wine and meal with domestic cuisine will do you good. The hosts came up with this original idea, so the rest in Wine house Minić will always remain in your longest and most pleasant memories. At this moment it has only daily accommodation and rest, but the plans for full stay with nights and sleep over are already under way. Visits must be announced a few days ahead because it is imperative for the hosts to devote themselves to each guest completely and in the right fashion

Choice of wines which can be tasted and consumed here is large, and the hosts are specially proud on Stota suza (One Hundreth Tear - muscadine), Tamnjanika Barik, Tamnjanika kasne berbe (Muscaline late crop), Dorotej (black, prokupac) Ružica (red vine). If you wish to visit them and see the originality and authenticity of this wine house for your self, call them at these numbers : 037/ 751 612, 063/ 846 48 92.

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