Gornji Milanovac

Tue, Aug 24, 2010

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Gornji Milanovac

Nature has gifted this region with beauties which you can rarely see anywhere else and areas attractive during all seasons. History has also given this region many events and people after whom were preserved cultural - historical monuments. The creation of first modern Serbian state began in Takovo, under the banner of Miloš Obrenović, of which can testify museum, cottage church and Second Serbian Uprising. From the oldest Court building in Serbia, legendary General Mišić commanded the Battle of Kolubara. While you are here it would be a pity not to visit the monasteries: Vraćevšnica (15 century) which is located on the road Gornji Milanovac - Kragujevac, Vujan (19 century) on the part of  Ibar main route from Gornjeg Milanovca to Čačak, but also the monasteries Voljavča and Nikolje on the Rudnik mountain hills. The large number of thermo mineral springs, unfortunately unused are located in the bottom of cliff mountains: Mlakovac, Brđani, Svračkovci and Savinac. Savinac is linked with a legend which says that by this road had passed St. Sava and that you can see the foot print of his horse in the stone. Miloš Obrenović raised here his first endowment, in memory of his wife princess Ljubica. In the churchyard reside the bones of the daughter of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, Mina, a poet and a painter.

Household of Veselin Čolović - Bogdanica

Household of Boška Mijailovića - Gojna Gora

Household of Slobodana Jevtovića - Leušići

Household of Radosava Žižovića - Leušići

Household of Gordane Milošević - Klatičevo

Household of Milene Veljić - Klatičevo

Household of Ljubinka Damljanovića - Koštunići

Household of Slobodana Baralića - Majdan

Household of Dragana Paunovića - Brđani

Villa Milica - Trudelj

Milivoje Marković - Rudnik

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