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KOSJERIĆ is located in western Serbia, half way between Valjevo and Užice. Largest number of settlements is located in river valleys, on the intersections of forests, fields and meadows, so that this region represents, by its natural beauties, an ideal place for country vacation fanciers. Vicinity of famous tourist centers Zlatibor (56 km away) and Divčibare (26 km away), traditionally rich cuisine, extremely polite hosts, and good traffic connections, are main characteristics of tourism in this region.

Tourists value of the very place is represented by its cultural - historic monuments, out of which the most significant one is old cottage church from 15. century in the village Seča Reka (Rivercutter). It got today’s appearance   A number of very valuable displays can be found in this church: large number of icons, “Zlatne dveri” (”Golden doors”) brought from Herzegovina, chalice from the year 1812. and the relic brought here from the Holly Mountain Atos, Greece. The thing that you most certainly must see are Taorska vrela (Taoric springs) (village Makovište), unique spring with mountain water waterfalls, heights from two to ten meters.

Ethnographic values, traditional folk customs, clothes, folklore and cuisine, are represented each year on theater plays and manifestations, out of which the most significant one is “Čobanski dani” (Shepherds days) - manifestation of traditional folk art and creations, which is held in the beginning of July each year.

Villages in Kosjerić municipality, which we have visited, give all conditions for organization and conducting the program “nature classroom”. Also, the region gives all conditions for hiking, fishing (Field Maple, gudgeon, salema) and hunting the large and small game.

Household of Milutin and Milesa Jovanović - Ražana

Household of Miša and Dragica Lazović - Ražana

Household of Mile Pantović - Ražana

Household of Mileta Luković - Ražana

Household of Radivoje Trnavac - Skakavci

Household of Milanka Joksimović - Skakavci

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