Advertising is a unique web portal for all those who have a need for information from the tourism, as well as for all who wish to provide information about the services they provide. is serious and unavoidable means of marketing the tourist industry and all those who have their work related to tourism.


Your company will be presented with all the information made pointing directly to you, such as logo, detailed information, a description of activities …
Publication of a profile in the promotion period is free of charge and includes:


Fax number
Address of internet presentation
Contact person name
Description of activity (up to 500 characters)


You can post your banners:
- On top of all pages
- In certain categories
Banners on the entire Web site (at the top of all pages)

With these banners, you cover all sides regardless of the category and it will apply in cases where the target group is not narrowly defined. The are opening at any page of address book.
R1 (468×60) 150 EUR / month
R2 (125×125) 100 EUR / month

Banners on the home page (home page) of address book

Your advertising can be present on the home page address, which contains the latest news and links to all categories. In this case, banners are:

R1 (468×60) 80 EUR / month
R2 (125×125) 50 EUR / month

Banners in certain categories of address book

This type of advertising allows you to strictly profile your visitors to whom will be shown your ad.

R1 (468×60) 40 EUR / month
R2 (125×125) 20 EUR / month

Banner Minimum rental period is 3 months
We allow a discount for renting banners to 6 months - 15%
We allow a discount for renting banners to 12 months - 20%