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Special nature reserve

In the times when the skies ruled dragons of Mačva, through Zasavica flowed river Drina. In time it was replaced by the river Sava, elves and goblins… But then Drina again wanted her. And then it was left alone, without spring and river mouth, without flow, without name. Somewhat forgotten. Zasavica went after river Sava, clear and transparent like the young girl’s tear. Not fast, not deep… From that mirror, at night, the dancing shadows and things appear, to glorify nature. And so it goes on for centuries…

The locals named it long ago The Pond and they know it now only by that name. The reason for that is green carpet sowed with rich plant material, which in some places greatly slows the flow of this small river, so you have the impression it stands still. But, although hidden, springs fill it unselfishly with holly and clear water of life.
History records that in these swamp regions of northern Mačva, around 5000 BC, people hae been making swamp colonnades, draining and irrigating the swamp soil. So the flows of Sava and hasty Drina have intertwined, meanders formed, the scenery of the region has changed. Time has past, and legends and myths left their traces in people conciseness that the giants made this giant deeds, or that these are dragon trails, dragon nests, which brought stranght and fertility to the land. And that dragons lived in the past here, it is also written in Celtic maps. There were eight of such places in Balkans. Including Zasavica. You have, by these maps, travelled here on the wings of dragons – and you came in well preserved nature. It was preserved like that by the dragons, guardians of unmeasured legendary treasures solely by their sheer strength, or it was actually done by men, sometimes dragon like.

By the national protection

Special nature reserve Zasavica is located on the south of Vojvodina, namely north Mačva, east from the river Drina and south of river Sava, on the territories of municipalities Sremska Mitrovica and Bogatić. Quiet and tam, like the lowland river, it has made possible the survival of various plant and animal life. To preserve this life, Zasavica itself, and here coastal areas was put under the national protection, about ten years ago, as a natural estate of exceptional significance.
Zasavica is home for 700 plant species, 180 bird species, about twenty fish species and as much amphibian and reptile species. Intertwine of meadows, forests, wide coasts and water itself makes the frame to the beauty an variety of plant and animal life. Something rare exists even between them
Lively changes from forests to wet meadows, to wide coasts and the water itself, riches of the plant and animal species, traditional way of living near the river pictured through the folklore and day to day life, historical legacy which reaches in to the ancient times, gives the visitor rare, attractive and unique touristic contents throughout the whole year.

Sport fisherman can, on the specially arranged locations, with a little luck have a nice catches of wild carp, pike or goldfish. Photo – safari lovers will find a genuine attraction in boat rides, and special treat for all gourmands will be home baked bread and fish from Mačva specially made on disk harrow.

„Diet” pork for a healthy life

Near the lake, inside the complex, there is a farm where you can find swollow-bellied mangulica, probably the first kind of domestic pig in evolution process of taming. It is said that its meat has less cholesterol. Diet pork for a healthy life (but not the pigs)! Pigs have rested in great shade of its cabin and they haven’t given us even a glance. Besides the mangulica the farm has very rare specimens of podolian black ox, as well as domestic potent Balkan donkey. Recently, the Bavarian government has returned its former resident, the European beaver, which is now esteemed resident of this beautiful reserve.
Much has been written on Zasavica, through stories and poems, but the prettiest tale you will hear from the river itself. Still we have to emphasize that the good willed hosts have the biggest credit for gentle care of the river, the same hosts that live near and live with Zasavica.
It is said that even in now days there are dragons living in Zasavica. You may wonder how to recognize them. They say: “ He is black and hairy from below and from above he is as shine and smooth as otter”. And since recently people have seen otter in Zasavica after many years, Nature Conservation Movement of Sremska Mitrovica has offered a reward for anyone that records otter on camera. Or maybe it was a dragon…?

How to get there?

You can get to Zasavice easily when you go through Sremska Mitrovica on your way to Mačvanska Mitrovica and you go on straight to Zasavica. You can see the information boards all over road sides, so if you follow them you most certainly will not get lost.
Boat and Prussian carp on disk harrow

You can see Zasavica on a new tourist boat which characteristics have specially been adjusted to this purpose. This boat is special for the fact that it is only original World War II boat built in Serbian shipyards. After the boat ride and inspired Miša’s story (Miša is a local ranger), you will go back to the center of the reserve, where lunch is largely on its way. Along with domestic brandy and turkey stew with pasta, or famous fish stew and Prussian carp on disk harrow, you will be even more eager for climbing on tourist tower where you can spyglass look at rich Zasavica environment.

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