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Mon, Aug 16, 2010

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Most beautiful dawns rise there…

When a poet saw it, he wrote, “Most beautiful downs rise there, somewhere neae Mokra Gora”. One couldn’t say if it is more beautiful at the ruse of dawn, or at the fall of sunset, when the moon slowly shines on all glades, water springs and hills of this beauty. Noble traveler, you must see it, experience it for yourself. And you can experience it only when you hear the Ćira’s hoot, if you wash your face from the water of Jovan’s springs.
Ćira is running again…

Mokra Gora (Wet Mountain) is the village which is located on the mountain borders of mountains Tara and Zlatibor. Before it became tourist destination and attraction, it was little village with about thousand inhabitants, which have, like most of the people from mountain regions, been primarily occupied with agriculture. For a long time Mokra Gora was our undiscovered treasure, jewel we did not know about or did not want to show to others. And there is much to see and show here. Its was not named Mokra Gora (Wet Mountain) for no reason. There are water springs on every step, hills, forests also… There was a narrow railway till the year 1974. that ran through Mokra Gora. It connected this region with Sarajevo. For a long time a steam locomotive broke through rocky narrows and high slits between Šargam and Mokra Gora and made this unusual trail way. It was a genuine and only window to the world for the people of this region. And one day it was canceled. The women cried for Ćira (an ancient steam locomotive), men were shook their heads and mourned for their only window to the world. They remembered the words of the prophet Tarabić who nevertheless said that “the iron road with which people were going once will be renewed, but this time it will serve for fun and enjoyment”. And it was so. Firstly thanks to the society “Šarganska osmica” (Šargan eight) Mokra Gora came alive again in these last few years. This time as a real tourist destination located between mountains Tara and Zlatibor brings tourists from all over for a ride with old Ćira. And a resident of Mokra Gora which is already considered a long time native here is famous movie director Emir Kusturica who constructed, on the hill Mećavnik, an ethnic village “Drvengrad” “Wooden Town” , in Mokra Gora.

Like it was lived in it…

Mećavnik and Drvengrad in it has loomed over Mokra Gora itself. It is on same height level with railway station Jatare through which goes Šargan eight. Drvengrad is an ethnic villagein town features and shape. It has rectangular shape with longer axis on one end where is located entry gate, and on the other end there is a small wooden church. Church is built in Russian wooden church style and it is dedicated to the saint St. Sava. In the central part of the village is a square paved with wooden plates and cut wooden doorsteps and it is surrounded with log cabins. Log cabins are authentic and were directly transported, some from these parts and some from Bosnia and as skeletons set on wooden pedestals. Each of them holds contents which are markings of an actual town: gallery library, cinema, pastry shop, restaurant, this region native souvenir shop.

Expert jury of Brussels Architecture Foundation Phillipe Rotthier has declared this Kusturica construction the best architecture achievement in the last three years in Europe. Emir Kusturica explains Drvengrad through words: “I have invented the town which looks like people lived in it in past times. And they never have…”
The moon goes down, here comes the sun…

Attention of many visitors of Mokra Gora, besides Šargan eight and Drvengrad, draws also many healing springs. According to some data you can find dozens of mineral springs here. Because the fact that Mokra Gora lies on one of the large nickel finding, most of the springs has high concentration of dissolved ions. Please note that some of the known springs are healing springs, but some of them are toxic. The most famous healing springs in Mokra Gora are “Bele vode” (White waters) which heal, as they say here, the eye illnesses. About hundred meters for “White waters” are Jovan’s springs, which was named thus a long time ago in the celebration of St. John the Baptist (St. Jovan – in Serbian).

We must also mention the nature who has not saved its beauty for these parts. For those intent to travel to Mokra Gora, it is enough to say that you can not see or experience Mokra Gora for one day. You should wait the dawn and sunset and follow the moon through its heavenly path to his resting grounds here in Mokra Gora.
The thing that for sure sets apart this mountain beauty from other tourist destinations, is that, no matter the number of tourists and visitors has grown greatly large, it has not lost nothing of its authenticity. You will not see skyscrapers here, or great mansions. The houses here are made from wood, the roofs covered with ćeramida (canal shaped roof tiles), and here every restaurant kept the warmth of real village home. Here they are preparing the food on our grandmothers recipes. But you must experience these parts for yourself… There is only one Wet Mountain…

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