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Because of its moderate climate and preserved nature, Zlatibor has always been known as a Monutain for vacation, recuperation and healing, so it was declared as first category tourist location. First recuperation and healing houses and facilities were built in Zlatibor in 19th century, and as the beginning of tourism on Zlatibor the year 1893 is taken, when King Aleksandar Obrenović visited this mountain. Large number of villages which surround the tourist center itself give really good conditions for active vacation. Pastures as far as the eye can see, thick forests, streams and clear rivers, give opportunities for various activities, like hunting and fishing, picking various healing herbs and fungi. All this region, from Mačkat to Gostilje is renowned by its exceptionally clean and unpolluted nature  and it gives all conditions for manufacture of ecologically healthy food.  Special attraction represent the waterfall in the river Katušnica canyon, with a beautiful restaurant in which you can, among all other domestic specialties, try far away famous trout from nearby fish pond. There are possibilities of  field excursions to Zlatibor, Mokra Gora and visit to ethnic village of Sirogojno and Stopić cave.

Household of Nevenka Šopalović - Mačkat

Household of Tomislav Zlatić - Kriva reka

Household of Miloš Panić - Kriva reka

Household of Milomir Bacetić - Kriva reka

Household of Dragan Melović - Rožanstvo

Household of Zoran Milić - Sirogojno

National house Simex - Gostilje

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